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Monday, October 5, 2009

What Do Chickens Have To Do With Furniture?

Good question. My guess is that the building used to house a restaurant, and when the furniture store took over, they thought the chicken was cool and kept it.

This oddity may be found in Rich Creek VA, a stone’s throw from the WV border, less than three miles up US 219 from where it begins (or ends) at US 460. 219 winds its way north for 535 miles to end at Lackawanna NY, near Buffalo. Look at this index of US Routes; it gives a description and brief history of each one.

It would take a loooong time to get to Buffalo on US 219. Elkins WV is about 140 miles north of Rich Creek, and there’s no way you’d make it in less than four hours. That road twists and turns through the mountains, and does more of the same beyond Elkins. It has a fair amount of traffic, so it’s difficult to pass anybody

The chicken reminds me of a commercial tourist attraction called Dinosaur Gardens Prehistoric Zoo, about halfway up the Lower Peninsula of Michigan on US 23. It has two themes mixed together: dinosaurs and Christian religious statuary. Never could figure that one out. I remember going there in the early sixties on a family vacation, when it was called simply "Domke's Gardens."

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