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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pearis Cemetery, Pearisburg VA

The historic Pearis Cemetery is located at the western edge of Pearisburg, in the area sometimes called Bluff City. For years, it was overgrown, neglected and mostly forgotten. But several years ago, the town of Pearisburg (with the help of several other organizations) restored it. The photo on the right shows part of the cemetery. It includes the grave of Captain George Pearis, for whom the town is named. He fought in the Revolutionary War.

The left photo shows the new parking area and trailhead for access to the cemetery. The gravel path behind the sign makes a gradual ascent to the cemetery. Near the top, it crosses the Appalachian Trail.

The trailhead is on the side of Virginia Route 100, near its intersection with US Route 460.


  1. would like directions on how to get there please call 540-818-2667 and ask for Marie thank you

  2. me too. Where can I find it? I've lived in pearisburg pretty much all of my life and have yet to find it.

  3. From downtown Pearisburg, take North Main Street (route 100). Just past the Dairy Queen, turn left and follow the four-lane down the hill. With the Rendezvous Motel on the right and the Ford dealer on the left, turn left onto Route 100. The road will bend to the right. Just after that, look for a field to the right with a gravel parking lot and a wooden sign. The turn into the parking lot is easy to miss. Park in the lot and follow the gravel path uphill behind the sign. The cemetery is at the top of the hill.

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