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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mash Fork Waterfalls, Camp Creek State Park WV

These are the falls of Mash Fork in Camp Creek State Park, West Virginia. They are a short walk from the park campground. The park is beautiful at any time of year, and it contains a myriad of other trails, as well as ball fields, picnic areas, etc. The park is located on a side road off US 19 (and I-77) between Princeton and Beckley.


  1. Had this pop up in an alert I have set; this is a great park and setting. Camping is good. Fishing is also. Many of our parks and forests are on roads not Interstate. All good.

  2. Thanks, Sissie. That park is beautiful and has a lot of trails that I have yet to hike. It's only about 40 miles and 45 minutes from here to Camp Creek. And fortunately, WV does not charge admission to state parks like Virginia does.


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