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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Penny's Diner, Low Moor VA

I've been staying home a lot lately, hence I have less to post. This should please diner fans, though. This diner is in Low Moor, Virginia, between Covington and Clifton Forge. It's obviously a replica diner, which I sometimes refer to by the less complimentary adjective "fake." However, unlike many replica/fake diners, particlarly in urban areas, the prices are reasonable and there aren't a lot of exotic, non-diner menu items. I had a good lunch there.


  1. I like the real authentic old diners better than the new faux-old diners, too, but they're still fun.

  2. Agreed, Gunnar and Sherry. There's a Denny's diner not too far from me. I can overlook the fact that it looks like a Smithsonian exhibit because the prices and the menu are the same as any other Dennys.

  3. From the photo, this looks like a Starlite diner. Because Starlites were built in a factory (in Ormond Beach, Florida from 1992 - 2006) and trucked to their site, they meet the classic definition of "diner," even though they appear to be faux replicas lacking the style and craftsmanship of vintage diners.


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