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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Narrows of the New River, Narrows VA

This picturesque landform is on the New River in Giles County, Virginia. It is called the Narrows of the New River. East River Mountain (left) and Peters Mountain (right) descend to the river. You can drive through the Narrows on US 460 or on a twisting county road on the other bank.

The town of Narrows is less than a half mile upstream. The photo was taken from the bridge connecting the town with US 460. The town is to the left of the photographer.


  1. Your photograph and comments are extremely helpful to people plotting a trip through the area. We travel in an RV, and road maps don't give us all the information we need.

  2. The Narrows is very easy to get to. In the photo, US 460 runs on the right bank; it's a lightly-traveled four-lane. On the left bank is a narrow secondary road. It might not be good for an RV, though, since there are a couple of low railroad underpasses. Good luck with your trips,


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